Click and watch how building financial statements is quick and easy with ExcelFSM
        (the building process starts at offset 1:30 of 8:19, after reading the trial balance data)

Click this link to Get Started

 Importing Trial Balance Data (1:50)

ExcelFSM is universal and will work with any accounting software,
thanks to the Financial Statement Module patent.
Trial balance data from accounting software
Importing Budget Trial Balance data

 Building A Financial Statement (3:49)

One of the nice feature of ExcelFSM is the possibility to use existing financial statements as templates.

 Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements (4:37)

ExcelFSM is the ideal tool to prepare Consolidated financial statements.
New user interface for consolidated financial statements

Notes And Reports (Click image to see how)

How to prepare Periodic financial reports [Monthly,Quarterly,etc.] (Click image to see how)

How to prepare a Financial Summary Report and how to access already grouped accounts for grouping into other items (Click image to see how)

How to build a trial balance working paper showing the consolidated adjusted trial balances side by side (Click image to see how)

 Importing Trial Balance Data / QuickBooks (1:40)

ExcelFSM Hybrid Edition for QuickBooks Users and ExcelFSM
Professional Edition (if check 'Support QuickBooks' before downloading)
have direct access to QuickBooks Company data file. QuickBooks Online
Importing Budget Trial Balance data / QuickBooks
Working with QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy file

 Building A Statement Of Cash Flows (2:55)

Building Cash Flow Statements becomes easy with ExcelFSM.

(see also html tutorial below)

 Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements - part two (4:52)

ExcelFSM allows to group accounts from different trial balances into financial statement items, using simple point and click on the screen.

How to prepare a Quick Report showing Financial Key Figures (Click image to see how)

How ExcelFSM Handles QuickBooks Classes (Click image to see how)

How to prepare a multiple columns report (Click image to see how)

How to easily prepare a Cash Flow Statement (Click image to see how)

How to prepare a financial statement with item balances on two columns, and
how to access any item balance for grouping into tolals
(Click image to see how)

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