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Jacques Nault

Jacques earned a professional degree in computer programming, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting.

He went on to work as an external auditor, generating financial statements from the accounting data of many clients. This accounting data arrived in different forms and was produced by different products.

With his unique background combining professional accounting and computer programming, he envisioned a universal tool that would allow accounting persons such as accountants, financial officers, and auditors, to extract data from any bookkeeping software package, and easily derive any financial statement.

Jacques currently holds 4 patents.

David Ching

David graduated Valedictorian (3.98/4.0 GPA) with BS in Computer Engineering, from University of the Pacific, California.

He worked at Hewlett-Packard where he enhanced HP LaserRX, a Windows application which presents performance metrics from HP minicomputers.

He worked at Borland Software where he designed and implemented the Address Book of a Sidekick for Windows prototype. Project Lead for the Turbo Pascal for Windows Integrated Development Environment. Enhanced environments in Turbo C++ and Borland C++.

He worked at Logitech where he was responsible for architecting and writing the core functionality of Logitech SetPoint, the driver utility shipping with millions of mice and keyboards.

He worked at Cisco where he enhanced software for casino video surveillance, analyzed Wireshark captures and other symptoms, fixed .msi build system and showstopper threading issues, architected and built restarter program and health monitoring redundancy.

He also developed as an individual, RegEditX which was included in WINDOWS Magazine's annual "100 Best Shareware Programs"

David is a Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

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