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     General Ledger Drill Down option

 Quick Overview (0:55)           QuickBooks Trial Balance And General Ledger With Classes

Thanks to the Reading Organizing and Manipulating Accounting Data (ROMAD) patent, this drill down is done in your common Excel!

Get the detail of an account balance, and the detail of a transaction, from the financial statements built with ExcelFSM!

Get the detail of an account balance, and the detail of a transaction, from the dynamic customizable leadsheets!

Note: ExcelFSM took one and a half minute to read and organize, in the memory of the computer, the 49,000 transactions lines of the GL, which can now be drilled down instantly.


Reduce the time spent by auditors in the enterprise.

By reproducing the last audited or reviewed financial statements with ExcelFSM,

then reading the trial balance and the transactions of the financial period to be audited,

from one Excel file, auditors and accountants will be able to:

     - review the financial statements;
     - drill down from the financial statements, notes (as shown in the image below), and from the dynamic working papers;
     - perform account analysis;
     - select samples for test basis and manipulate the accounting data (as shown from offset 3:50 of 9:01 in the second video below);

from their office!

And they do not have to change their current software to benefit from using the ExcelFSM General Ledger Drill Down tool.

Click one of these links to see how it works:    html    pdf

Editing the trial balance and general ledger excel files generated by Sage software:    html    pdf

 ExcelFSM GLDrillDown - Reproducing last audited financial statements (8:19)     YouTube
        Last audited financial statements reproduced using ExcelFSM – Sample A:    pdf

 ExcelFSM GLDrillDown - Updating last audited financial statements with transactions (9:01)     YouTube
        Making the general ledger file readable by ExcelFSM – Sample A:    pdf

 ExcelFSM GLDrillDown - for QuickBooks users (2:00)     YouTube
        (Note: QuickBooks classes will be part of the general ledger just like the trial balance.)

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