Excel FSM Available in three editions :  Standard Edition, Hybrid Edition, and Professional Edition

for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016

Current version: 2.7.2

* The ‘Download’ button allows you to install the current version of ExcelFSM (full version, not just a demo). The software will run for 30 days without a license.
  After that free trial period, the purchase of a license will allow you to continue using ExcelFSM.

Standard Edition

$49.95 per year

The universal financial statement writer
for any accounting software,

allowing Excel to build and update reports
from the imported accounting data.

  See how it works Help file

Professional Edition

$149.95 per year

The standard edition, plus the Working Papers*(sample)
and a Consolidated F/S feature (see UI),

transforming Excel into a powerful
Trial Balance program.

  See how it works Help file See how it works with QB Help file with QB Check box(es) of optional feature if appropriate
Support QuickBooks Desktop
Support QuickBooks Online
With General Ledger Drill Down (Beta)

Hybrid Edition for QuickBooks® Users

$49.95 per year

The standard edition specifically for

providing Excel with direct access to
QuickBooks trial balance data.

  more >> See how it works Help file QuickBooks Statement Writer vs. Excel FSM - by David Ringstrom Check the approriate box(es)
QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Online

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