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   Automate your custom
excel financial statements

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See What Some Users Are Saying

Fantastic app! It's doing exactly what I need, it's very intuitive and easy to use. Great job!. 03/20/2024
Roberto, CPA - VA, USA

I love your product. Thanks again for an incredible product. 11/22/2023
Richard Vogt, CPA - SC, USA

Your Excel add-in is AWESOME! 11/6/2023
David Potter, CPA, Chief Financial Officer - USA

I just ran the importing with GL movements last night. I can't believe it how awesome is the application you developed. You have done what others have been spending millions of dollars with complicated apps. 9/28/2023
Fernando Catacora, Financial Cloud Consultant - VA, USA

I just ran monthly reports for our church and what a great system you developed. It is really a treat to download the TB and end up with full financials !! 6/14/2023
Peter Shirriff, Anglican Parish of Penetanguishene - ON, Canada

Very useful, helpful and easy tool. Consolidation process is amazing. 5/20/2023
Eglis Flaga, Chief Financial Officer – Albania

FSM is Awesome! I just finished my monthly reports in record time! 4/14/2023
DonnaLee Sherburne, Business Manager at The Ecology School – ME, USA

Love this product! it is a life saver. I can't begin to tell you how much faster it is to re-run my monthly numbers using your product. Thanks again for the great product and the great tech support! 3/6/2023
James Bailey, CFO at Pompanette, LLC - NH, USA

Exactly what I was looking for. I love that it is so easy to use and fast. I also love that I can drill down right on the page to see which accounts make up a grouping. You all have done a great job with this and I thank you. I have been looking for nearly a year to find the right solution. I am an educator by trade and do not have the accounting background to pull things together. I needed a program like this that I could use even if I don’t understand all the principles behind the financial statements I need to produce every month. I was able to accomplish in a fraction of the time it would have taken me in any other software program.
Laurie Hensley, Office Manager New Hope Telephone Cooperative - Virginia, USA

The system works like a charm. George DiFlavis Jr., CPA, Finance Director, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest - nonprofit organization - AZ, USA

The consolidation module worked out very well for me. Using the consolidation module, made it very easy to do the consolidated financials.
Anthony J., CPA - NY, USA

This is a fantastic financial statement builder you have created. Love the way it enables me to focus on financial reporting instead of form building and coding.
Charles Gardner, CFO Americare Home Health - Louisiana, USA

You have done an excellent job creating the ExcelFSM tool. It’s a powerful easy to use FS generator and is exactly the type of product I had hoped to find when I started my search.
Michael B. Mowat, CPA - Nebraska, USA

Love your Excel add-in……solved a major report limitation problem I was having with my customized financial program.
Joseph A. Liguori Jr., CPA, CFO & Vice President, Electronic Business Products Inc. - NY, USA

I really enjoy using it and how easy it has made creating financial statements.
Celina Clark, Accountant Wilson, Shannon & Snow, Inc. - Ohio, USA

Thank you for this incredible add-in. This has simplified my FS process so much, that I keep coming up with new reports to create, just because I can do so easily!
Dana Doerr, Corporate Controller - California, USA

We are using the FSM add-on for a couple of years and with great satisfaction.
Chen Buber, CFO SG Nordic - Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks for developing this tool. Much appreciated. Very useful tool.
Ashok George - Mumbai, India

Your system is pretty amazing.
Pheli Dlamini, BBA. CPA. CGA. Controller - Alberta, Canada

Getting on really well with it – fantastic tool. The beauty of the FSM product is in many ways its ease of use and the straightforward mechanism in terms of designing reports. Your product is still the reason that I can justify using excel over things like Crystal reporting tools and other databases. In essence it gives the accountant flexibility without the need to resort to the IT Dept. specialists.
Mark Marshall, Finance Director - UK

Program works great. I have been using excel to prepare financials for many years. Your software can save me many hours during the course of a year.
I am very pleased with the software and the real time savings are becoming more apparent now that we are in the second year of financials with little or no account setup necessary.
Stewart Mather, SRM Accounting & Tax Solutions - Alberta, Canada

I am pleased with the program. I love it!
CPA, Principal, Tax and Accounting Services - Florida, USA

Thank you for all your work on an excellent product!
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - North Carolina, USA

My team here have just taken on FSM and are delighted with the time saved and ease of process that has resulted.
Director of Finance & Operations, High School - Bristol, UK

Let me extend my sincere gratitude in the excellent add-in you have created. It had help us in our reporting and gave us flexibility to design reports as per the needs of our management. We have used your tool for 3 consecutive years and we are very happy to continue to use FSM as it is a great tool for finance professional like myself.
General Ledger Accountant, Finance Department - Qatar

Love your program!!
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - North Carolina, USA

We rely heavily on ExcelFSM. It just works for us so well.
CPA, Managing Member - Texas, USA

I like the simplicity of the program and found it easy to use.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Missouri, USA

I am enjoying using the Add-in. An awesome experience!
Head of Finance - Kenya

Amazing job you guys did. It definitely gives a lot of flexibilities for non-technical users, and it’s easy to teach as well.
Accountant - British Columbia, Canada

Great product!
Controller - New Mexico, USA

I am so appreciative of your responsiveness and knowledge! I have rarely had such an exemplary experience with customer service.
Accountant - Florida, USA

FSM is a really great tool!
MBA, Partner CFO - Michigan, USA

We looked at other reporting software but it did not provide the flexibility and formatting options needed when producing more in depth financial reporting. ExcelFSM is what every CPA should be using!
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Massachusetts, USA

I have found your product to be very easy to work with.
Vice President Company - New Mexico, USA

Your product is great.
Chartered Accountant (CA) - Brisbane, Australia

ExcelFSM is a brilliant tool to produce financial statements and is well worth the money. The product is very simple to use and provides a detailed audit trail of the journal postings which I love! Thank you for making accounts production so much easier.
Financial accountant - UK

I'm really enjoying the program. It's making my job a lot easier!
Director of Finance - Michigan, USA

The end results mentioned in the help file are exactly what all accountants want.
Fellow International Accountant (FAIA) - Belize

the program is excellent and it will save me a ton of time.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Florida, USA

I am definitely buying this software, I think it is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above ...
Chief Operating Officer - Nebraska, USA

This tool rocks!
Controller - California, USA

I am extremely happy with your plug in. It is a great solution. You are a step ahead of the game. FSM is so helpful!
Controller - Texas, USA

I used the GL drill down option and it is awesome.
Business Manager of a school - UK

a GREAT program for excel based financial reporting/auditing. There's nothing even close to it on the market.
Controller - Michigan, USA

I sure love your program for my QB clients who I do financials for.
CPA, QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor - Tennessee, USA

The standard QuickBooks reports aren’t always what I need. This software lets me format my report any way I want – I have total control in Excel. I can pick what QuickBooks accounts are included in what values – and they can be cash flow type values (differences between two periods) or balances of accounts – all in the same report. Then once everything is set up, a few weeks later when we’ve updated our QuickBooks data, this software easily reads everything again from QuickBooks, and my reports are again current.
I downloaded it, played with it for less than an hour, wrote an email to the support people to ask three questions – I got a phone call back within an hour with positive answers to my questions and suggestions on how to make my life easier. I’m impressed.
Business owner - Tennessee, USA

I did download the trial version in January and liked it so much that I decided to buy the annual licence. Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) - UK

Quotes extracted from QuickBooks users reviews:

apps built-in features and having the extended power of Microsoft Excel creates the ideal method for creating and customize financial statements.

Finally, an add in that releases the power of Excel in the preparation of financial statements.

This tool allows me to create customized consolidated reports without much effort even though each of our entities accounts do not exactly mirror each other.

its flexibility is as unending as Excel's because you're in Excel.

We are able to produce customized reports that are easily updated with FSM.

The presentation of our reports since adding the tool is phenomenal.

It allows me to produce exactly the financial reports our board of directors need.

Has saved hours of work producing our financial statements.

increase accuracy and reduce errors when creating financial statements

love how user friendly it is!

For the price we pay, this is the best solution we've been able to find!

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POWERFUL, UNIVERSAL, UNIQUE:  the General Ledger Drill Down option  

Get the detail of an account balance, and the detail of a transaction, from the financial statements built with ExcelFSM!

 GL Drill Down Quick Overview - Watch and see how powerful it is (0:55)      MP4      YouTube

QuickBooks Trial Balance And General Ledger With Classes

Reduce the time spent by auditors in the enterprise with this unique tool that links the general ledger transactions to the financial statements, in Excel.
From one Excel file, they will be able to review the financial statements and the linked accounting data to be audited.

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Also: Word FSM is here!

       Automate your Microsoft®
Word financial statement reports

The perfect tool to prepare professional financial statements and annual reports.

 WordFSM Quick Overview (1:11)      MP4      YouTube
more on WordFSM >>

FSM offers unique solutions for preparing customized financial statements, including:
For Non-Profit Organizations · Cash Flow Statements
Consolidated F/S · Periodic F/S · Budgeted F/S · Comparative F/S · Etc.

Click Here And Download Your FREE 30-Day Trial!

Plus – ExcelFSM and WordFSM support QuickBooks ® software,
providing Excel and Word with direct access to trial balance data from
QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) and handling QuickBooks Classes!   click here to see how
About FSM

Millions of people worldwide prepare financial statements every day (annual f/s, periodic f/s, forecasted f/s, budgeted f/s, pro forma f/s, analytical f/s).

Some use expensive and complicated financial reporting software, while others rely on their usual word processor and spreadsheet software. These wide-open designing and formatting tools provide a tremendous amount of flexibility in building financial statements; however, use of these tools cannot overcome several limitations. They: 1) are not integrated with the accounting data; 2) require a substantial amount of data manipulation; 3) make it harder to ensure completeness of the financial statements without excessive review; 4) cannot automatically update the financial statements. The current process is not only time-consuming, but must be continually repeated.

The patented technology within the Financial Statement Module removes these limitations and transforms your office tools into powerful, flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-use financial reporting software.

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